Attention on excellent individual traits?

In the presentation of a bull, information about the total breeding value TPI or NM$ is always published. This is normal. Everybody then can see how high a bull scores where many individual traits are included.


As a breeder of new generation milking cows, you always see something in your herd which you want to improve in partically by breeding. This means selecting on just the total index is not enough. It won’t give you the fast improvement. Much more interesting is to pay highly attention on the individual traits. This means a bull with a lower total index can give you much more satisfaction in realizing fast the improvement of the specific trait.


An example can be shown with Productive Live (PL). Our top-10 bulls for PL score 1,0 point higher for PL (= 1 month longer on the farm) in relation with our top-10 TPI bulls. Financially this will gain ca. 275 per cow more money when you give more value on the individual traits than looking for the total index (= 30 days x 25 KgM x € 0,35 milkprice). With a herd of 100 milking cows the value becomes an interesting extra of 27.500,-.


Do you want to know more how this can work in your herd ? Feel free to contact  us.


307HO00014 Rafter                                515HO00254 Apple Pie                                       515HO00287 Bangalore                                  515HO00310 Eclipse

Top PL: + 8,6                                             Top DPR: +5,2                                                       Top FLC: +2,19                                                   Top PTAM: + 2514